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We hope you can find everything you need. The Civil Service Pensioner's Alliance is a campaigning and lobbying group for pensioners from the civil service and related pension schemes. 

Our objective is to maintain and improve the purchasing power of all pensions from Civil Service and related schemes.

Pension Overpayments
It has been brought to the attention of the Branch Committee that  a Pension Revision exercise was being carried out by Pensions Branch.
We asked pension branch for an explanation and received the following response:-
We in Civil Service Pensions revise awards as matter of course – at present we are working through the revisions arising from the voluntary exits schemes and we have over 80% of those completed. Age retirements etc are also revised mainly as a result of a back-dated pay award or another change notified by the employer.
The issue with My CSP is that they were not doing the revisions of awards as part of their schedule of work and this was identified by their auditor. The processes they are looking at are in relation to building the revisions into their work practices.
The majority of revisions do result in the payment of arrears however, a revision can also result in an overpayment due to the way pay is calculated. Eg prior to a pay award the best pay to calculate an award is not the most current salary (some go back 13 years) and Pensions Increase is applied to the award. However, after the application of the pay award the best pay is the most current salary and no Pensions Increase is due to the award – this can result in an overpayment.
As per managing public money we are obliged to seek recovery of overpayments

If any Member receives such a notification asking for a repayment do not agree to anything and contact the Hon. Sec. Tony Damoglou immediately on 028-92610610 or apdamoglou@cspa.co.uk

   Campaign to outlaw Age Discrimination in the provision of Goods, Facilities and Services

Age Discrimination in the provision of Goods, Facilities and Services is against the law in both Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland but not in Northern Ireland. For a number of years Age Sector Platform has been campaigning to have the law brought into line with Great Britain on a parity basis. This proposal was agreed by local Ministers during a previous Mandate but unfortunately time ran out and the necessary legislation did not reach the Assembly. In anticipation of the return of the N.I.Assembly at some point in the future Age Sector Platform is renewing and refreshing its campaign. Whilst the parity principle should be an adequate argument to have this wrong corrected it would be useful to have, as back up, some examples of actual discrimination because of age. Your help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
Goods are regarded as tangible things, ie items that are produced eg furniture, cars, white goods etc.
Facilities are regarded as places such as offices, hospitals, sports grounds, concert halls etc.
 Services as the word implies are activities carried out by others for your benefit, eg health treatment, financial services, library service, etc.
If you, or anyone of your acquaintance, believes that they have been discriminated against in any of these areas on the grounds of age perhaps they would send me the details of the alleged discrimination by email to apdamoglou@cspa.co.uk     All information provided will be held in confidence and will only be used to support our campaign anonymously.
Many thanks for your help.

Membership Renewal
For those of you who pay their membership annually your membership sub of £15 is now due  (apart from those that have only joined in the last few months of 2018 where your membership extends to the end of 2019).

Unfortunately we are unable to set up direct debits but we can accept payment by "Standing Order". In that case please contact our Membership Secretary Alastair Hunter directly on 028-90424970 or 

Branch AGM
The Branch AGM was held on Wednesday 17th April 2019 at 2:30pm in the Grosvenor Business Centre, Glengall Street, Belfast.  Keynote address was given by Tristan Westgate from Connect Communications  on the topic of "Later Life Ambitions Campaign plans"  In addition Brian Sturtevant from Chairman of CSPA Executive Committee  reported on the campaigning activities of CSPA nationally of interest to Northern Ireland members. 
Bumper Graham also reported on the activities of the 
Northern Ireland Civil Service pension Board. 

Age Sector Platform (ASP) Funding Crisis
Age Sector Platform (ASP) came in to being in 2008 largely as a result of actions taken by former members of the Northern Ireland  CSPA Branch Committee and a few other similar pensioner’s groups.
ASP is now widely recognised as being the foremost organisation (with approximately 200,000 members of its constituent groups) working on behalf of older people in Northern Ireland. This work has focussed on; organising the Northern Ireland Pensioners’ Parliament; lobbying and campaigning both at Stormont and Westminster on a wide range of issues impacting on older people; and being at the forefront of protecting and defending the rights of older people.
This lobbying of the Assembly Executive was largely instrumental in the creation of the post of Commissioner for Older People and the travel pass for seniors. Other ongoing lobbying includes the Warm Homes Discount, Active Ageing Strategy and the GFS (goods, facilities and services) Age Discrimination Legislation.
The Northern Ireland Branch of CSPA has in the past supported Age Sector Platform not only by our participation in ASP campaigning committees and payment of our membership fee but also for the past few years by donations equivalent to the 60p per member per year that CSPA HQ puts aside for Campaign Funds so that our campaigning could be carried out by a much larger organisation and therefore be so much more effective.
ASP’s primary source of funding was largely from “The Atlantic Philanthropies”, however this has now come to an end and reserves built up to date will only enable ASP to survive for another 12 months.  The majority of other funding was for specific restricted purposes rather than general use. ASP management is working hard to develop a broader base of support from a range of sources to make it sustainable into the future. In order for many potential funders to look favourably on an application it is important that basic core funding should be in place for them to build upon.
To help develop this basic ‘core funding’ ASP is asking members of the constituent organisations, who can afford to do so, to consider commiting to making a modest regular donation (e.g. £5) each month through a “Standing Order” mechanism. For those with access to Internet Banking it can easily be set up. (Sort Code 60-83-01 Account No 20274405 Unity Trust Bank, Nine Brindleyplace, Birmingham B1 2HB). The Account is in the name of Age Sector Platform.
Alternatively a Standing Order form can be downloaded here or for those without such facility contact the Hon Sec Tony Damoglou who will post out a suitable form.

Active Ageing Strategy 2014-2020
The Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister have just launched  "A Consultation Document" for public consultation.

Health Matters
The Health and Social Care Service (NHS) in Northern Ireland is currently undergoing radical changes as a result of the Compton Report under the guise of "Transforming Your Care" Followed by the reports from Donaldson and Prof Bengoa . CSPA in conjunction with Age Sector Platform have been examining these proposed (and in many cases actual) changes to the Health and Care System as they affect older people.  We will be trying to hold the Dept of Health and Social Care  and the Health and Social Care Board  to account and to have some (or all) of these changes rescinded or suitably modified. In order to do that we will require as many cases as possible where older people have been or will be adversely affected by these changes to let us know. Please  Click Here to register your problem with us. 

Equal Pay

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