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Travel Insurance from AXA PPP Healthcare

The CSPA Annual Travel Insurance plan offers extremely competitively-priced, worldwide travel insurance cover to CSPA members and their families. Arranged by The Health Insurance Group and underwritten by AXA PPP Healthcare. There is no medical screening prior to joining. Provided you are fit to travel and not suffering from a terminal illness you are covered to travel. Pre-existing conditions are also covered except for certain problems related to mental health. What’s more, if you join prior to your 85th birthday you are able to remain in the scheme for life.

CSPA Annual Travel Insurance Plan
The role of Towergate Health & Protection and Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance (CSPA).

Towergate Health & Protection is an independently authorised broker, who acts on your behalf. As an independent broker, Towergate Health & Protection is also able to undertake a market review for you.

To support their members, CSPA works with Towergate Health & Protection to enable The Towergate Health & Protection to market the scheme, for which CSPA receive a fee.

Towergate Health & Protection negotiate the overall renewal terms AXA PPP healthcare offers on this plan, with CSPA agreeing the recommendation. CSPA has no other role within the administration of this arrangement.

For clarity, there is no commercial agreement between AXA PPP healthcare and CSPA, who do not represent you or negotiate any aspect of your healthcare insurance with AXA PPP healthcare.

This cover is an individual contract of insurance between you and AXA PPP healthcare. The subscriptions under this agreement are set each year by AXA PPP healthcare to take into account the claims made by all the members of CSPA and their family members covered under the product. 

Towergate Health & Protection has a dedicated CSPA Travel plan representative. For more information and friendly advice, call Tel: 0800 389 7724 or 01344 627602, or to directly download  related documentation from Towergate Health & Protection website, please click here:https://www.towergatehealthandprotection.co.uk/cspa-travel-insurance

Of Importance to Northern Ireland members the Scheme DOES cover travel where the first flight is from Dublin Airport. ( Some other policies do not!!)
Following a query from a member we have been in touch with AXA through the Health Insurance group and we have received the following reply which should clarify the issue:-
The following response has been provided to me by AXA PPP in respect of your query: The travel handbook (attached page 16) clarifies that the policy starts when you leave your home area and ends when you return to your home area.” any journey which involves travelling outside your home area and ending on return to your home area.” Home area means:“for residents of the United Kingdom (including the Isle of Man), excluding the Channel Islands, yourhome area means the United Kingdom excluding the Channel Islands. For residents of the Channel Islands, your home area means the Channel Islands.” I have queried the above with regards to departures from Eire and received the following: The cover starts when they leave UK (in this case from NI into Eire). It doesn’t matter what mode of transport they then take out of Ireland to somewhere else (beyond UK), that is what their travel policy is for.   I trust the above is of use to you and your members. 
Kind regards, Catherine Scott
Head of Affinity Partnerships

Changes from 1st April 2019

Age-rated premiums
Previously, all members have paid the same premium regardless of age. From renewal (in 2019), the premium will depend on which age brand a member falls into.

Change for members who join mid-way through the policy year
Previously CSPA members could join the policy at any time during the policy year from 1st April to 31st March, but payment of the full annual premium was required regardless of the date on which the member enrolled.
From this year's (2019) 1st April renewal, new members joining the policy mid-way through the policy year will enjoy cover for a full 12-month period from their date of enrolment.

Cover for Europe-only travel
Finally, a further level of cover has been introduced for members who only travel within
Europe. The premiums will reflect that your travel is limited to Europe only and has a single trip duration of 25 days, up to a total of 65 days maximum in any policy year. 

Please note that you will require your CSPA membership number to complete the application form.  I can provide that for Northern Ireland members if you e-mail me at apdamoglou@cspa.co.uk. Members from England, Scotland and Wales should make their request to enquiries@cspa.co.uk

Further details are in the Spring 2019 edition of "The Pensioner" 

If you would like to comment on the travel insurance 
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