CSPA Travel Insurance

The Deputy General Secretary  is able to report that  a CSPA Group Travel Insurance Scheme is now available to CSPA members.  
The terms of the Scheme provide comprehensive travel insurance but at significantly reduced prices to those available elsewhere. The Scheme provides an annual policy for worldwide cover; it discounts pre-existing medical conditions; and is open to anyone joining up to the age of 85. The critical test with regard to whether claims will be met is whether an individual was fit to travel; the only other condition is that, should an individual be suffering from a terminal illness with less than 12 months to live, then s/he would not be insured. 

Of Importance to Northern Ireland members the Scheme DOES cover travel where the first flight is from Dublin Airport. ( Some other policies do not!!)

The cover does not include mental ill-health, which is a standard preclusion of most if not all other travel insurance policies. Provided that a member or spouse/partner joins prior to their 85 birthday, s/he can remain in the Scheme for life. 

The Scheme allows for periods abroad of up to 65 days and a total time abroad of up to 183 days a year. (There will be facilities available to upgrade these cover provisions direct with the under-writer at greater cost). The Scheme will be administered by The Health Insurance Group a wholly owned but independent insurance brokerage owned by AXA ppp, with the payment and collection of annual direct debit premium payments administered by AXA. 
The Alliance's only direct involvement in the Scheme will be to promote it through The Pensioner and on the website and to provide Alliance membership verification to the Group Travel Insurance administrator.  

 Members can enquire about the scheme either on the freephone number  
0800 3897724 or on the website www.healthinsurancegroup.co.uk/cspatravel
which also contains the application form and other documentation that can be downloaded.

From the 1st June 2018 the management of the scheme will change:-

The details of the team who will be dealing with all CSPA Travel enquiries with effect from 1st June are as follows:
Affinity Partnership Team:under the leadership of Cath Scott
Telephone number: 0800 3897724
Address: West Park House, 23 Cumberland Place, Southampton, SO15 2BB
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm
Please note that you will require your CSPA membership number to complete the application form.  I can provide that for Northern Ireland members if you e-mail me at apdamoglou@cspa.co.uk. Members from England, Scotland and Wales should make their request to enquiries@cspa.co.uk

2018 Premiums
Unfortunately the premiums  have been  increased by more than inflation to take account of an increase in claims.
The annual premiums, inclusive of VAT and a small administration fee for the CSiS, are from 1st April 2018, be - for a single person £267.80 per annum; for a couple £374.90 per annum; for a couple with children (up to the age of 25) £393.80 per annum; for a single parent with children £371.70 per annum. 

2019 Premiums
These have not been decided and will be released on 1st March 2019

The premiums will be collected on the same date for every member in future years via annual direct debit. Those joining the Scheme part way through a year will pay the full annual premium, but as has been shown with the NARPO Scheme, the rates charged still makes joining in mid-year an attractive proposition. It is hoped that this development will not only be seen as a significant service available for Alliance members, but will also act an additional reason for retired civil servants to join the Alliance. 

Further details were in the Spring 2013 edition of "The Pensioner" 

If you would like to comment on the travel insurance 
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