If you attended a pre-retirement course you may have already seen the appeal below but I think it well worthwhile to address you again. 
In any case please read on as it may be of benefit to you in your retirement. Now that you’ve retired, don’t think you will be able to relax!  Virtually all of the monetary and other benefits of retirement are under attack. 
This is your chance to fight back by joining the Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance (CSPA) in defending existing pensioners’ rights and pushing for reasonable improvements in our standard of living.  We offer you the means of ensuring that your interests as pensioners are argued forcibly both at Stormont and Westminster, in pursuit of:-
  • Higher State Pensions for all:- the UK State Pension has, for decades been one of the least adequate in Europe resulting in 1 in 5 older people living below the official poverty line, whilst millions more struggle on incomes that are just above.  
  • Safeguarding annual increases in State Pensions, in face of the freezing, reduction or abolition of a range of other State Benefits
  • Bringing back the long-established Retail Price Index to determine annual increases in our own Civil Service Pensions in place of the lower Consumer Price Index 
  • Maintaining the Winter Fuel Payment
  • Defending our rights to Free Public Transport for the over 60s
  • Improvements in care for vulnerable and elderly people  

Locally we have succeeded in persuading the Assembly to provide extra Harsh Weather payments for the needy and have been campaigning strongly on behalf of around 800 retired Civil Servants (formerly AAs AOs and EO2s) who have been denied the back pay they should have received in the settlement of a long-standing pay grading dispute.  

If you have a particular grievance, it may well be that we can support you in putting your case forward to the proper authorities. 

We are the largest pensioners’ association in NI and our voice has a strong influence with local and national political representatives. We can be stronger still with your help. So join us now and, for a very small monthly contribution towards our basic running costs, add your support to the struggle for pensioners’ rights.  

Please fill in the attached application form and get the strength of the CSPA behind you.

Currently we represent some 4800 retired Civil Servants in Northern Ireland including retired GB civil servants living in Northern Ireland.  

Membership of the Branch is a modest £1.25 per month  which entitles you to a copy of the quarterly magazine “The Pensioner” produced by head office of CSPA to which we contribute articles.  

As a Branch we also produce occasional newsletters if there are urgent items that we think the members should know about.  Membership also gives you access to all the benefits of the parent organisation; outlined in the main pages of this website.

In order to build up an up to date database of members we invite all members to register their names and e-mail addresses with the Hon Sec of the branch Tony Damoglou at apdamoglou@cspa.co.uk 
or to fill in the contact form.

This will allow us to communicate with members more effectively. 
Further information on the Alliance and/or membership can be obtained from Tony Damoglou, Honorary Secretary of the Northern Ireland Branch, on 028 9261 0610  (apdamoglou@cspa.co.uk ) or Alastair Hunter, Membership Secretary/Treasurer, on 028 9042 4970 (cspani2k@hotmail.com ).  
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